Predatory Offender Registry - Public Noncompliant Site

Welcome to the Predatory Offender Registration (POR) public Web site of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). The purpose of this site is to enhance public safety by identifying offenders who are non-compliant with registration requirements, and to obtain assistance from the public in locating them.

You will have the opportunity to search for non-compliant predatory offenders by first name, last name, location and vehicle. This Web site does not contain information about compliant registrants.

Minnesota’s Predatory Offender Registry was established on August 1, 1991. Since then, the BCA’s POR unit has maintained the state's central database of information on predatory offenders. Visit the BCA's website for the current list of offenses requiring registration.

Those who are required to register must provide information about their primary and secondary addresses, employment, and vehicles they own or operate. They are also required to return periodic verification forms to ensure all information on file with the BCA remains up to date. When predatory offenders fail to report changes in the required information or if they fail to return verification forms they are classified as “non-compliant.”

Most registration information is classified as private; however, pursuant to M.S. § 243.166, Subd. 7a., the BCA is authorized to make registration information available to the public when a registrant who is over the age of 16 has failed to provide information regarding his/her primary or secondary address and has been non-complaint for thirty days or longer. The BCA is limited by statute to release only enough information about non-complaint registrants to allow the public to assist in locating them.

The public is strongly encouraged to notify the Minnesota Predatory Offender Unit or a local law enforcement agency of any information concerning the whereabouts of "non-compliant" registrants.